Royal Hive Cleaning

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Royal Hive Cleaning

Expert Cleaning across South Florida

Cleaning a house in South Florida

Home Cleaning

Experience exceptional cleanliness: Detailed dusting from the ceiling to the floor, precise sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and a total restoration of your bathrooms.

Conducting deep cleaning in South Florida

Deep Cleaning

Elevate your home with our meticulous deep clean. Our experts target every hidden spot, ensuring a rejuvenated and wholesome living space.

Move in cleaning in South Florida

Move In & Out Cleaning

Guarantee a smooth transition with our move-in/move-out cleaning solutions, delivering an impeccably clean new residence so you can focus on your move.

Post-construction cleaning in South Florida

Post-Construction Cleaning

Ensure a flawless finish with our post-construction cleaning services.

Residential cleaning in South Florida

Residential Cleaning

Our premier residential cleaning service is our most popular package. Designed to keep your home neat, tidy, and spotless across all of South Florida.

Commercial Cleaning

Experience spotless perfection with our commercial cleaning solutions. Our seasoned professionals meticulously sweep away every trace of debris and grime.